Jazz à Juan - 11-20 Juillet 2014
July, Wednesday 19 - 8:30 PM

Macy Gray

She lavishly kneads soul, pop and hip-hop, leaving us moved and trembling. As a child, teased by her playmates whenever she opened her mouth, Macy Gray preferred to remain silent, confining her voice within her big strange body. But when she released « On How Life Is » in 1999, her first album, the song « I Try » was a huge hit.

This sculptural lady with her joyful look, half chic hippy and half vibrant diva, with a scratched voice and life, would capture the audience’s attention even if she were singing the jazz telephone directory. With her, the show is going on everywhere, as soon as she steps onto the stage, where her husky and unique voice enhances the sexy and wild nature of her songs, full of innuendo. No need for protocol: her voice is more than enough to send the crowd into a frenzy.

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