Jazz à Juan - 11-20 Juillet 2014
July, Tuesday 16 - 8:30 PM


They have been a part of the French music scene for 50 years. Created in 1969 by Christian Vander, drummer, singer, composer and wild demiurge, Magma has always seemed a real oddball. Their music? Epic poetic fiction, at times explosive and at others calm, made up of successive layers: telluric rhythms, sometimes close to metal, with throbbing bass and plentiful drums serve as the massive and faultless support for an incantatory choir inspired just as much by Carl Orff’s «Carmina Burana» as by gospel; there are repetitive keyboard loops and rock guitar riffs, not forgetting of course Christian Vander’s scansion.

Since the group reformed in 1996, five new albums and concert DVDs have been released and all their previous albums reedited as vinyl records. They have been going on tour after tour and the audiences await them, ever more numerous and ever younger! They have an original sound, at a crossroads between jazz, rock and classic: a powerful and unrelenting polyrhythm, shaped in the course of long improvisations. For their 50th anniversary, Magma are returning to Juan with «ZESS», a new album recorded with the participation of the orchestra Prague Philharmonia.

Rates of the seats for the evening  :
Golden Zone : 100 €
1st category : 80 €
2nd category : 60 €
3rd category : 40 € / 20 €
4th category : 30 / 15 €

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