July, Wednesday 13 - 8:30 PM

Van Morrison

His hits have travelled around the world ("Gloria", "Here Comes the Night", "Baby Please Don't Go"...) and cover versions have been released by the greatest of stage performers: Jim Morrison, Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones... The list is unending. Since his first experimentations with rock - rhythm and blues with the band "Them", in the 1960s, Van Morrison has undergone an endless series of musical metamorphoses. He is the emblem of a Woodstock generation alongside Bob Dylan, the icon of soul and gospel, the star of impassioned duets with Ray Charles, the king of popular melodies and the poet whose sophisticated texts bear witness to an impressive literary culture, the antistar, the solitary travelling bluesman whose path crossed that of John Lee Hooker and B. B. King.

Black hat, black suit. Van Morrison, a man with an unparalleled career with never an idle moment, is a character like no other. With his nonchalant attitude, this simple Irishman has spent his life exhaling warm airs of blues, jazz, rock. He likes to wander in all directions, as if the better to taunt us. Still standing, still alive, he fills his discography brick by brick to build a kingdom where influences meet in defiance of labels. This is how he has shaped a career for himself which commands admiration, without a break, nor destructive excesses; without ever dwelling on his great songs of the past, he looks rather to the present. His quest lies elsewhere: music, creation, exchange, blues and jazz.

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