Apart from the festival itself, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, "hometown" of jazz in Europe, will vibrate throughout the summer to the sound of jazz, of all jazz, through various exhibitions, demonstrations of Street Art and, of course, concerts on the squares and streets of the city with a «Jammin'Summer session» exceptionally rich, remaining more than ever a platform of encounters and creative freedom, a unique playground for artists.

How eagerly we look forward to regaling spectators again with live music, live performances and shared emotion! Jazz nourishes and reinvigorates: it is to the heart of the world what the apple pip is to the core of an apple, the stone to the heart of a fruit, the fresh shoot to the heart of the many layers of the onion praised in Sidney Bechet’s great song, performed in Juan!
"Jazz à Juan" is that apple, that fruit, that onion; jazz is that young shoot around which everything orbits! The music which buds is wonderful! And now it’s time for jazz galore!
On 21st June – World Music Day, as a prelude On the occasion of World Music Day, two Jazz stages will be programmed to launch the season,
in the Petite pinède in Juan-les-Pins and on the square Place Nationale in Antibes, as well as marching bands which will tour the streets of the town.

Jammin'Summer session
Welcome to all those who like to shake it! If you fear new ideas and sounds, this is not the place for you. However, if you can’t keep still, you will enjoy this wonderful journey through the land of new sounds! Just like in the sixties when the festival was created, there will be a multitude of unprecedented concerts (you can never have too much of a good thing!).
From 10th July to 20th August, 125 musicians will perform by way of 33 free concerts on both of the "Jammin’Summer Session" stages, on the square Place Nationale in Antibes and at the Petite Pinède in Juan-les-Pins. These international artists are representative of all styles of the jazz scene (classic, gospel, hip-hop, rock, electronic, vocal, gipsy, Latin-jazz…): most of them performed and gained notice at "Jammin’Juan", the market for jazz professionals. (Next edition from 3rd to 6th Nov. 2021).

In the streets of Antibes
Also on the programme of celebrations, a multitude of parades "Dans les rues d’Antibes", in the spirit of the great tradition launched by the man in whose honour "Jazz à Juan" was created: Sidney Bechet.
From 6th July to 22nd August, seven weeks of musical entertainment every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, with a few extra bonus dates. That’s around 40 free shows and more than 80 hours of music in streets of Antibes and Juan-les-Pins!


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