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Jammin'Summer Session 2022 programming :



 Yon Solo Discover Tremplin Jazz Médiathèque 2021 (Electro jazz)  

Kiosque à musique - Antibes, le 20 juillet à 20h 

Clément Prêteux (keyboard, composing) – Sergio Armanelli (bass) – Nicolas Pannetier (drums & percussions) – Jules Marin (sound engineer)
Music escaped from childhood and imbued with mythology, an Odysseus travelling ever further to the unknown seas where we meet those terrifying creatures from the end of the world – that is what Yon Solo's music evokes. This naive, sincere and delicate music invites us just as much to introspection as to a kind of trance, in a movement that reconnects us with the here and now. Make no mistake, Yon Solo is a jazz trio with pop influences. This trio puts improvisation firmly in the spotlight in order to offer up a powerful and hypnotic concert.





 Toine Thys - Overseas (Oriental jazz)  

Kiosque à musique - Antibes, le 27 juillet à 20h 

Toine Thys (saxophone, soprano, ténor, clarinet bass) – Ihab Radwan (oud & singer) – Ze Luis Nascimento (percussion) – Annemie Osbourne (cello & singer)
At the crossroads of Arabic music, jazz and tonal improvisation, classical music and the rhythms of Brazilian music, they offer up rapidly evolving repertoire, composed of clean, free and melodious compositions. These foor musicians come together and present their respective worlds. Their stories and intonations are all different, and it is these differences that make the band such a delight for us. Simplicity and seriousness, joy and exploration, the quartet skilfully plays on their opposites. Together, they create a musical space that respects the integrity of these artists, but where a taste for adventure and discovery remains essential.




 Magalí Sare et Manel Fortià (Vocal /modern Jazz)  

Kiosque à musique - Antibes, le 3 août à 20h

Magalí Sare (singer) – Manel Fortià (double bass)
The firm jazz roots of Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià embrace a repertoire of traditional songs from Catalonia, Spain and Latin America. Their repertoire is also composed of original songs developed around poems. Improvisation can be found in each of their concerts, through Magalí's voice and percussion work, never hesitating to mix in her own rhythms and melodies. 






 Jemm Music Project (World music)  

Kiosque à musique - Antibes, le 10 août à 20h

Max Castlunger (steel pan, balafon, percussions, chalumeau, hand pan) – Mirko Pedrotti (vibraphone) – Matteo Cuzzolin (sax tenor) – Andrea Polato (drums) – Hannes Mock (trombone) – Marco Stagni (e-bass)
The Jemm Music Project works with contemporary and improvised tribal music. Ancient African instruments come together with the steel pan of the Caribbean and the handpans of the 2000s. The acoustic drum mixes with the electronic pad, creating an urgent, modern and engaging rhythm. The electric bass and vibraphone bring an archaic rhythm back to the present, while woodwind instruments connect it to the great cosmic bands of the 70s. Flutes, wooden drums, whistles and a multitude of objects are used in unexpected ways, seeking to create a unique atmosphere.




 Mohs (Contemporary jazz)  

Kiosque à musique - Antibes, le 17 août à 20h

Zacharie Ksyk (trumpet) – Erwan Valazza (guitar, octatrack) – Gaspard Colin (bass) – Nathan Vandenbulcke (drums, analog rytm)
Drawing their inspiration from the living and everything up to and including the earth's mineral matter, Mohs' music is a call to contemplate on the telluric forces that surround us. This young quartet draws its inspiration from contemporary jazz and new musical trends, such as electronic music or hip hop. The bond shared between these musicians gives birth to a bewitching and embodied music, leaving plenty of room for improvisation. 


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