On Antibes bandstand

12 concerts on this stage :

The 21st June from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
The 17th and 19th July de 8:00pm to 9:00pm.
From 21st July to 20th August, each Wednesday and Friday, from 8:00pm to 9:15pm

Free concerts as qualitative as they are varied for the greatest pleasure of jazz lovers. Discover the young generation of Jazz music.

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Monday 21st June at 7:00am

Nice Gospel Group 
9 voices

For more than 15 years, the Nice Gospel Group has been singing and illuminating hearts! The love of gospel brought together these singers with varied profiles, warm and generous voices, all passionate, among other things, by African-American music and its derivatives. Compositions with original musical sounds to rediscover the collective fervor of the great African-American bands and savour the pleasures of a powerful, energetic and captivating music.

Saturday 17th July 8:00pm - 9:00pm 

Léon Phal quintet – Jazz
Léon Phal (Ts|) - Zacharie Ksyk (Tp, Tb) - Arthur Alard (Dm) - Rémi Bouyssiere (Cb) - Gauthier Toux (Clav)

In his second opus «Dust to Stars», Léon Phal explores at the head of a quintet formed in the purest hard bop tradition, all the music that inhabited his sleepless nights, between house, drum'n'bass and afrobeat. A true groover machine, a formidable quintet whose influences and imagination inspire improvisations to the ropes. If he is already flirting with contemporary jazz greats, there is no doubt that his breath, curiosity and free spirit will take him far.

Monday 19th July 8:00pm - 9:00pm 

Oscar Penas – Jazz fusion
Oscar Peñas, guitar / Sara Caswell, violin / Moto Fukushima, electric bass / Kendrick Scott, drums 

American guitarist and composer of Spanish origin having collaborated with musicians such as Ron Carter, Paquito D'Rivera or Esperanza Spalding, Oscar Peñas seduces from the start by the skilful and original fusion that he operates between classical, Spanish or South American music. Transcending genres, cultures and styles with graceful and powerful fluidity, he shows a rare sensitivity, which allows him to shade the airs with sense and subtlety. A refreshing musical approach in today’s over-amplified jazz world.

Wednedsday 21th July 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Ornicar – Jazz Rock fusion
Joachim Machado (G) - Renan Richard (Bs) - Côme Huveline (Dm)

To free oneself from labels and aesthetics, to exchange roles, to mix the acoustics of instruments with the electric effects, and to let oneself be carried above all by the need to create a group sound with three, such is the credo of Ornicar. The result: a narrative, energetic and contrasting music that borrows from rock, funk or electro as well as jazz, firmly anchored in the current musical landscape.

Friday 23th July 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Manu Carré Electric 5 – Électro-jazz-pop

Electro-jazz-pop with creative and eclectic sound… After “Go” and “Labyrinth”, Manu Carré delivers his third opus: “City Traffic”. Whether you travel through Liverpool, Tuscany or the Cosmos, each one finds a free trip in this new album where you meet David Bowie, the Beatles, Joe Zawinul… Of all this musical past, traces of course remain, seeds germinated in another way, in a style unique to the five musicians. Difficult in these conditions to resist the pleasure of tapping the foot or to get carried away by this sedimentation of influences!

Wednesday 28th July 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Danzones – Jazz folklorique

Spanish violinist Pablo Rodríguez and Cuban pianist Humberto Ríos present their album «Conversaciones». A work that focuses on the relationship between the Canary Islands and Cuba through jazz, folklore and classical music of the impressionist era. In these conversations, unique sounds are heard; when the violin is transformed into a small guitar or percussion instrument, or when the piano is "played" from the inside. Without losing sight of melodic simplicity, the music alternates between improvisation, a search for acoustic landscapes and high tension moments.

Friday 30th July 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Jon & John Trio - Tremplin Jazz Médiathèque
John Massa : Sax - Jonathan Soucasse : Piano - Cedrick Bec : Batterie

Their respective reputations are well established. It is on a musical register with a thousand facets, Jazz of course, but also soul, funk, current music and even classical, that these formidable musicians invite us to travel in landscapes often improvised and unknown. It’s strong, it’s rich and it clings to our hearts! (text: Solange Lemoine)

Wednesday 04th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Mathias Levy trio – Jazz manouche
Mathias Levy (Vln) - Jean-Philippe Viret (Cb) - Sébastien Giniaux (G, Vlc)

From the unity acquired by the trio on the sound plane to its common breaths , through the elegance of its counterpoints, Mathias Lévy gives to hear, with his new opus «Unis vers», a group that has fully found its balance. In this repertoire of personal compositions, he develops his acoustic aesthetics, mixing classical influence, world music and a solar and poetic «Chamber Jazz».

Friday 06th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

La Local Jazz Band – Jazz club

«La Local Jazz Band» is a project created in 2010 by Miguel Ramírez (director of the Canary Islands Jazz Festival) and Miqui Delgado. Both have collaborated and shared the stage for over thirty years with the same enthusiasm, creating and producing for their projects and for other artists. They will present «Paisajes Sonoros», their last album, the most personal, in the shape of a journey. Creative music that invites us to surprise ourselves and discover new places in our imaginary world, which we usually access in this spiritual vehicle called Jazz.

Wednesday 11th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Emilie Hedou trio – Soul Jazz, blues
Emilie Hedou (Voc) - Nicolas Blampain (G) - Brahim Haiouani (Cb)

Passionate about black American music, marked by soul, jazz and blues,
Emilie Hedou puts her powerful and expressive voice at the service of the melody. With a lot of presence, his trio mixes compositions tinged with blues and soul and reinterprets the great standards of their idols: Nina Simone, Etta James, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Chuck Berry...

Friday 13th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Triple Roots - Eric Séva – Jazz
Éric Séva (Ts, Ss) - Kevin Reveyrand (B) - Jean-Luc Di Fraya (Dm, cajòn, Voc)
Many points bring together the members of this formation: different artistic roots, of course, but deep, a nourishing musical soil that has stuck to their bodies the passion of melodic and rhythmic conversations stemming from popular music, an ideal meeting around jazz and world music. Finally, a common gift for sharing, among themselves and with the public. A magical combination to serve music made of original compositions by Eric, a completely acoustic and clean trio whose music circulates naturally. This trio is obvious… play, improvise, share, travel…

Wednesday 18th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

The Gallands – Jazz électro
Stéphane Galland (Dm) - Elvin Galland (Kbds)

Make the most of this period of coronavirus control. That is what the Gallands, father and son, have wanted to do over the past few months. The result is a brand new project, «The Gallands», a delicious blend of hip hop, jazz, r&b, electro, pop, breakbeat and funk. The joy of playing floods their grooves, their acoustic and electronic sounds, their spicy rhythms and their cinematic athemospheres. A moment of father-son sharing that, in all ways, works extraordinarily well.

Friday 20th August 8:00pm - 9:15pm 

Shauli Einav quintet – Jazz
Shauli Einav (Sax), Andy Hunter​ (Tb), Alexis Valet (Vb), Damien Varaillon (Cb), Ariel Tessier (Dm)

His talents in improvisation, composition and musical direction reveal a lively and innovative look that matches a daring and resolutely modern jazz. His language is incredibly personal, imbued with influences that demonstrate both a flawless taste and a willingness to go beyond the known limits of the history of jazz. Brilliant, clever, Shauli Einav likes to walk well-marked harmonic paths to collect original and always seductive turns. His latest album, «Animi», radiates confidence in a lively jazz, which swings and smiles brilliantly.

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