Jazz à Juan - 11-20 Juillet 2014

On the bandstand

From 15th to 20th July - Place Nationale – 7.00pm

Sunday 15th July
Glenelg Jazz Ensemble
Coming from Maryland, on the east coast of the United States, the Glenelg Jazz Ensemble has received more than 60 awards over the last thirty years, in tribute of its energy and professionalism. From Florida to Canada, the young and talented students who compose it continue to perform on the occasion of prestigious events. In Europe, the public was able to discover them at the "North Sea Jazz Festival" (Netherlands), at Vienna and at "Jazz à Juan", which is happy to welcome this beautiful and brilliant formation again.


Monday 16th July
Emily Johnson’s Band

Originally from Bulgaria, it’s in France that Emily Johnson chose to start her career. During one of her concerts, she is spotted by a jazz and world music giant: the guitarist John McLaughlin, who introduces her to Narada Michael Walden, former drummer of Mahavishnu, who became of the greatest American producers (Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Sister Sledge, Mariah Carey, Al Jarreau, Whitney Houston). Narada offers to Emily a remarkable melody and produces her first single “Open your heart”. “Open your heart” is now an album, where she sings other songs composed by Narada, but also more personal titles. The result is full of groove, emotion and beautiful moments of pop-rock, soul or r’n’b.


Tuesday 17th July
Adrien Brandeis Quintet

The quintet of Adrien Brandeis is a rich coloured jazz. Influenced in particular by Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, and Afro-Caribbean music, the sound of this new quintet brings together tradition and modernity. An energetic, melodious and sensitive sound cocktail, between euphoria and melancholy, "fresh, joyous and swinging music".
Line up : Adrien Brandeis (Pno & compos), Joachim Poutaraud (Sax), Guillaume Leclerc (B), Félix Joveniaux (Dm), Philippe Ciminato (Perc)

Wednesday 18th July
David Helbock´s Random/Control
"Creative, open, hip and unique" are the first qualifying words of Peter Madsen, his New Yorker teacher and mentor, when he talks about David Helbock. He is a talented young Austrian pianist, who knows how to improvise and compose at the same time. And he has more than one string to his bow, his voice.Laureate of the most important international contests (Montreux among others), David Helbocq has already released six CDs distributed on various European labels. Astonishing, explosive! Line-up: David Helbock (Piano, Inside Piano, Electronics, Toypiano, Melodika, Percussion) / Johannes Bär (Trumpet, Piccolotrumpet, Flügelhorn, Sousaphone, Tuba, Alphorn, Beatbox, Didgeridoo, Electronics, Percussion / Andreas Broger (Sopransax, Tenorsax, Clarinet, Bassclarinet, Flute, Recorder, Flügelhorn, Percussion)

Thursday 19th July
Roccassera Quartet

The Roccassera Quartet is a formation with original instrumentation that offers an instrumental music, both refined and dancing, popular and unclassifiable. An entirely acoustic formation, they use traditional instruments in a decidedly modern context. They seduce you and make you travel from the Mediterranean Sea to Latin America in all simplicity. Made up of four virtuoso musicians that have experienced all the musical fields, classical, rock, jazz, world music, their goal is to bring the audience towards unknown and enchanting lands.

Friday 20th July

Between aerial jazz, and exotic groove, DYAS is the solar meeting of two musician friends, Joséphine Chloé and Eric Delblond, exploring song and improvisation. Atypical duet where the music expresses itself with authenticity, carried by the crystalline voice of Josephine in resonance with his handpan and Eric's undeniable groove on the bass. Their shared love of Jazz and their personal influences meet, creating a captivating universe of original compositions and new cover version. It is with boundless sincerity that their musicality touches everyone's sensitivity, instilling timeless standards with energy and irresistible femininity.

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