Jazz à Juan - 11-20 Juillet 2014

On the bandstand

From 14th to 19th July - Place Nationale – 7:00pm

Sunday 14th July - Jazzlab Orchestra

The most striking thing about the Montreal Jazzlab Orchestra is that, since it was first formed in 2003, it has played nothing but original, high quality projects in every style of modern jazz, demonstrating an insatiable appetite for exploration, combination and daring and always backed by the most amazing composers and musicians. Having recorded six albums, worked on over 35 special projects with international artists and given more than 250 concerts all over the world, today the Jazzlab offers us its latest work, “Quintessence”, based on the music of the pianist and composer Félix Stüssi

Monday 15th July - Thomas Laffont Group 

A product of the Marseilles music scene, Thomas Laffont Group draws its inspiration from the great names of jazz, be they of today or of yesteryear (Miles Davis, Erik Truffaz, Snarky Puppy) - but not from them alone! The electric bass - Thomas’s instrument of choice - lies at the heart of his creative process. Nourished by the talent and influences of each of his partners, his music takes on a totally new dimension, blurring the lines between the different genres. Hints of pop, rock, reggae and urban music all feed into this jazz where improvisation is everywhere. The result is an unusual, fresh universe filled with energy and melancholy, to be savoured throughout their latest opus: “The House by the Sea”

Tuesday 16th July - The Henry Ford Big Band

A product of the Henry Ford College, this prestigious university band are regular performers at major festivals, playing the music of legendary American jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Count Basie and Stan Kenton, to name but a few. Since they first got together in 1981, The Henry Ford Big Band has played all over the world, from the renowned Carnegie Hall to the Montreux Festival, New Orleans Mardi Gras, the North Sea Jazz Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, and the Detroit Jazz Festival - not forgetting (last but not least!) Jazz à Juan in 2010 and in 2012! A truly great band with a brass section that shines for all its worth!

Wednesday 17th July - Gregory Ott Trio

The Gregory Ott Trio, winner of the Radio France Prize at the 2011 “Jazz à Juan Révélations” contest, offers jazz mixed with traces of classical music and pop. Ethereal and organic, tumultuous or tranquil, delighting in the joy of the moment or steeped in melancholy - the melody is never lost, and freely guides us along the path of shared emotion, offering a vision of music forged, first and foremost, from story and colour. With lyricism and incisive beats, the trio builds its dreamlike imprint and invites us to let go. Way-marked paths and impromptu wanderings are both present and possible in “Ways”, their most recent opus, which was recorded at the prestigious Recall studios in Pompignan.

Thursday 18th July - Greg Lamy Quartet

Luxembourg guitarist Greg Lamy, a great admirer of Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery, is frequently invited to guest with numerous different formations, but has also formed his own quartet with saxophonist Johannes Müller, drummer Jean-Marc Robin and double bass player Gautier Laurent. The line-up has remained unchanged since 2007. Lamy’s spontaneous music has travelled from Luxembourg to the birthplace of bossa nova as well as to the stages of numerous clubs and festivals in both Europe and New York. Notably, in 2016, music:LX crowned him “Best Export Artist” in the jazz category. Even after four albums, the musicians still exhibit that osmotic complicity that has always been the backbone of this inspired, challenging quartet, where the composer/guitarist’s bounteous inspiration feeds the fundamental pleasure of playing together - of being one and being many, both at the same time! Latest opus: “Press Enter” (Igloo Records)

Friday 19th July - Michel Meis Quartet

The young drummer and composer Michel Meis is a rising star of Luxembourg’s jazz scene, who, along with his quartet, skilfully combines the traditional line-up of drums, trombone, piano and double bass with an original approach fostered by the musical eclecticism of these daring, open-minded musicians. The result is a truly exciting, modern jazz that is unashamedly of its time, where free, experimental improvisations meet with well-crafted compositions. A captivating musical universe that is both energetic and melancholic, where complicity, improvisation and daring each play their part, a modern, experimental jazz that manages to be adventurous without falling into the trap of hermeticism. 

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