Jazz à Juan - 11-20 Juillet 2014

The "Petite Pinède"

Every evening of the festival - 7:30pm to 8:30 - Petite Pinède. Angle rue Leonetti & bd Baudoin

Friday 12th July - Philippe Villa Trio - Concert between 9.30pm and 10.30pm

First they gave us “Souffle”, then came the very well-received “Second Souffle” - and now, for the hat-trick, Nice’s pianist and composer Philippe Villa has got together with his two accomplices,
Fabrice Bistoni (double bass & bass) and Gérard Juan (drums) to present a new masterpiece: “Esperanto”. A superb opus from a solid trio that isn’t scared to step out of its comfort zone and offer us something that is unashamedly modern, part written, part improv, and which takes jazz even further into infinity. Both pianist and composer, Villa presents elegant creations with compelling melodies, steeped in new sounds and imbued with his Mediterranean origins, that convey a message of hope and freedom: “Esperanto!”


Saturday 13th July - Rachel Therrien Quartet

Rachel Therrien, a trumpeter and composer from Quebec, is based in New-York and Montreal. Across the Atlantic, the media see her as one of the most promising jazz musicians of her generation. Known for her signature style which combines trad jazz, Afro-Latin and prog rock influences, Rachel’s reputation is that of a top quality, versatile, innovative artist. Winner of the “TD Grand” Jazz Award at the 2015 Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the 2016 “Stingray Jazz Rising Star” Award, she now presents to us “Pensamiento: Proyecto Colombia”, a new opus inspired by Afro-Caribbean rhythms and recorded in Bogota with a dozen local musicians.

Sunday 14th July  - Good Times Foundation

The nine musicians in the Good Times Foundation share an interest in funky music, even if they each come from very diverse musical worlds, ranging from rock and jazz to classical, French middle-of-the-road and international. Their repertoire focuses on new arrangements of funk and soul numbers from the 70s and 80s (Marvin Gaye, Chic, Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Kool & The Gang), as well as more recent tunes (Keziah Jones, Joss Stone, Bruno Mars, Jamie Cullum), rearranged and sung by Finnish singer Henriikka, and crooner-style singer Paul. The rhythm section is led by William on drums and Didier on percussion, with Fred on bass, alongside Johan (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) and Patrick (guitar); they are complemented by Eddie, Christophe and Yvan, three fabulous musicians who make up the sparkling brass section.

Monday 15th July - Manu Lanvin & And The Devil Blues

Seven albums and counting, concerts all over the place, prestigious collaborations with other artists (Paul Personne and Texan blues singer/songwriter Calvin Russell in particular)... Manu Lanvin is quietly carving out his own special place on the French music scene. Working as a trio with The Devil Blues (Jimmi Montout on drums and Gabriel Barry on double bass), he has the leaping guitar and hot, scratchy voice of the tireless blues singer, making his way along Highway 61, and wearing the blues like a second skin. Acclaimed by both peers and public, who go to see him and his ‘devils’ in ever-increasing numbers, today Manu Lanvin and his Devil Blues power trio give us “Grand Casino”, a new opus comprising both blues classics revisited and new songs.

Tuesday 16th July - Ékram

The accomplished singer and guitarist Ékram, originally from the Uyghur ethnic minority in China’s Xinjuang region, studied flamenco guitar in Spain and now performs his songs in Spanish, Chinese, Turkish and English, all the while including elements of his native Uyghur heritage in his highly original, multicultural music. Here he assumes the role of ambassador for the Shanghai JZ Music Festival - China’s first and largest festival and the second largest in Asia - and he has also appeared on stage with such artists of international repute as Pat Metheny and Gast Waltzing.


Wednesday 17th July- LynX Trio

The LynX Trio was founded in 2012 by young guitarist Gabriel Gosse, one of the Paris CNSM’s more brilliant students and an accomplished musician. They went on to be prize-winners at the Vannes Jazz Festival the following year, and today the trio’s open, modern jazz is infused with all the passion and energy of rock music. Presented in a nuanced, cohesive set, their compositions are a mixture of searing overtones and introspective restraint. This supercharged combo manages to circumvent the ‘déjà vu’ of a traditional ensemble, weaving a world of sound that is both elegant and modern, in a style that has become familiar since the advent of John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, and, more recently, Kurt Rosenwinkel. Vigorous and determined and packed with volcanic potential!

Thursday 18th July - The Henry Ford Big Band

A product of the Henry Ford College, this prestigious university band are regular performers at major festivals, playing the music of legendary American jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Count Basie and Stan Kenton, to name but a few. Since they first got together in 1981, The Henry Ford Big Band has played all over the world, from the renowned Carnegie Hall to the Montreux Festival, New Orleans Mardi Gras, the North Sea Jazz Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, and the Detroit Jazz Festival - not forgetting (last but not least!) Jazz à Juan in 2010 & in 2012 ! A truly great band with a brass section that shines for all its worth!

Friday 19th July - Anthony Jambon Group

Anthony Jambon Group is a project that brings together five young musicians and friends, within which Anthony’s generous, skilfully conceived and performed works almost make us forget his undeniable talent as a guitarist. His compositions are often subjected to rhythm changes or stresses that project the themes’ beautiful arching melodies. His compositions are the product of a highly original identity, forged by his various musical encounters and influences such as Pat Metheny, Tigran Hamasyan and Avishai Cohen. With their most recent opus, “Precious Time”, this close-knit, virtuoso ensemble invites us on a journey through space and time that is packed with rare emotion and sensitivity.

Saturday 20th July - Bakos

“A hybrid project at the crossroads of electro (to get those hips moving), dub (so the subs can get those vibrations going right through you), rock (for its sound and energy) and jazz (just for the love of improv). Benoit Lugué and Martin Wangermée combine the science of loops and the art of improvisation with their powerful drum and base, resulting in the reconciling trance of Bakos that is joyously tormented, grounded yet ethereal, and seriously packed with humour. A combo that puts the jazz you used to know in the recovery position, and takes you on a dancing, fun-loving cruise on the river Groove!

Sunday 21st July - James Andrews New Orleans

New Orleans trumpeter James Andrews (born 1969), aka “Satchmo of the Ghetto” following the success of his eponymous CD, sings and plays fair, rather like Louis Armstrong - in fact he even looks a little like him! His themes (e.g. People Get Ready Now) and rhythms are equally of their time - he may know his classics and carry his heritage proudly, but he’s not one to wear them as a straitjacket. Swing, groove, elegance, great contact with the public, a disarming smile, irresistible charisma, impeccable musical qualities... Here is an artist who is as much an entertainer as an excellent musician.

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